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About Vine 2 Wine Uncorked

Lovers of wine and Central Otago, we take you to the heart of where our wonderful wine is produced.


We offer wine tours exclusively in the Alexandra basin, providing you with an affordable and fuss-free way to enjoy all our local wine. Our tours take up to a maximum of 8 people and can be customised to meet your requirements. 


Taste wine from Alexandra wineries that aren't widely available. Hear about the wine from the people that know it best and experience the beautiful scenery when you are transported from vine to wine. 

Central Otago Wine Region

The Alexandra Basin lies below the southern 45th parallel and is the most southerly of the Central Otago wine sub-regions. It shares geographical and climatic conditions with some of the world’s most prestigious wine producing regions. This makes the Alexandra Basin the most southerly wine growing region in the world.


The Alexandra Basin has a semi-continental climate of extremes. The climate is characterised by long hot summer days with cold nights, cool spring days (with the ever-present danger of frost damage overnight), long dry autumns and often bitterly cold winters. Alexandra is regularly the nation’s hottest region in summer and the coldest in the winter.


The low rainfall and humidity mean a low incidence of vine disease and grape rot. The difference between diurnal temperatures during ripening contributes to flavour intensity and varietal character, affording the grower a longer ‘hangtime’ for grapes to ripen.

Local soils are mainly derived from alluvial material deposited by the river and the weathering of local schist rock. Soils are generally free draining, forcing vines to bury deep root systems in search of water. Stressing the vines naturally in this way creates an efficient vine system that produces superior quality grapes, the essential building block of excellent wines.

Find out more about the Alexandra wine growing basin here -

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